yashodha and krishna

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I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. In the beginning of this year, I took a job that I thought would be a good move for me, I moved to an apartment, and all this time I was getting settled and feeling as if I was making progress. But I was wrong. I felt even more like a failure than I had in the beginning.

I’ve lost everything.

All of this started with a breakup. I knew that I was going to have to learn to “live alone,” so I did. But when you’re a person in a relationship, the one who’s supposed to be there to help you find yourself, you get really attached to the person you’ve been with. Not everyone is as loving as you are. But a breakup hurts, no matter how you feel about it.

You don’t need to hate someone to be in a relationship. It’s not even as if you hate them, you just don’t see them very often. But things change, relationships change. The break up and the move to the new city have been hard on me, and being alone feels like a failure. I used to think I’d make it, a job, a new life, and a future.

I was with a guy for about 2 years before I met my husband. We broke up about 4 months ago. I was super busy with work and he didnt want to do me any favors by telling me that i wasnt worth his time. I felt like he was playing me, when Ive been with him for 4 years, he didnt give me any attention. Id say I was in the friend zone for a long time. Id just be talking to you and not you.

Kudos to you for being able to stay with someone for 4 years and not feel like you were being played. I hope you can find some space to grieve and move on. Some people don’t have that luxury.

It is a bit unfortunate for you that the friendship between you and Krishna was not really of great value to him. From what I remember, the friendship was great, and you did things together that are not often done. Also, as Krishna had been an extremely busy man, he just didnt have time to sit with you. I feel ya. I hope your friend finds some time to grieve and move on.

I have no idea what happened to Krishna and I didnt feel I was being played. I hope you can find some space to grieve and move on. Some people dont have that luxury.

I hope your friend gets over the death that he caused. I think it is a tragedy that someone as a young man could get so caught up in what happened to him that he ended up killing those people. Even if someone didn’t know it at the time, it still sucks that he did it. I hope he finds some time to grieve and move on.

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