Worship Song: How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

by Harry Harry
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Father's Love

This song is one of the most popular worship songs in the Christian church. It was written by Stuart Townend and recorded by Keith Getty with Kristyn Getty, in the album “Worship Together”, released on 1996. The opening verse begins with how deep God’s love for us goes, how wide it reaches out, how high it rises up to reach us from so far away. All this for a people who are undeserving but now have been given great worth and dignity through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The lyrics to the song are:

how deep the Father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure; how strong and unbreakable His affection. It causes Him pain when we turn away from Him so unwilling to see the sin in our lives which keeps us far from full joy. But then He goes on saying that with one touch of grace, everything changes…His love is enough for me!

Instrumental Piano Music Video Cover:

A beautiful piano instrumental by an unknown pianist playing this worshipful ballad beautifully. The video contains no words or images but it has a heartfelt message that resonates deeply within your heart as you hear these sacred notes being played flawlessly on a grand piano. This video will

make you feel how deep the Father’s love for us is.

  • Hallelujah, Hallelujah! The Lord is King; God blesses everyone who trusts Him and serves him faithfully by helping other people.
  • The earth will be filled with the knowledge of His glory because He has set His glory on it (Isaiah 40:28).
  • What a great reminder that there are many ways to lead others into worship – from lyrics sung or read out loud, to music played beautifully on an instrument and now we can watch instrumental piano cover videos too

“Wow!” I exclaimed in awe as my

Karen’s worship song was how deep the father’s love for us. The lyrics to this popular Christian praise and worship tune are from a poem titled Amazing Grace by John Newton. It has been sung in churches all over the world, but most people seem to know of it as Karen’s Song because she wrote an arrangement that is often heard today. The words may not be so compelling if they were just on paper without music or other accompaniment, but when combined with her beautiful piano work – which includes using both hands at times – there is no doubt how deeply one can feel God’s presence through this classic song. I find myself thinking about how much He loves me every time I hear how deep the Father’s loves us back, no matter what we do wrong! You can’t put a time frame on how much he loves you-

The how deep the father’s love for us chords lyrics are one of those songs that is perfect to sing with church friends. It has a great message and really gets you into worshiping God! The song starts out singing about how there have been times in life when we’ve felt rejected, forgotten, or unworthy of love because of our mistakes and sinning. If Jesus had not come then these feelings would be true forever. But now He came to save us from ourselves so that we could live freely without fear.

There is nothing too hard for Him (Matthew 19:26). We’re loved even if nobody else loves us.

Maybe how deep the father’s love for us chords lyrics can be sung as an anthem, but more importantly they’re a reminder that we are loved by God and have nothing to fear from Him! The song ends with how much Jesus loves you- how deep is His love? So very high, so wide it stretches out over everything (Ephesians). You never need to worry about being rejected because of your mistakes or sinning again when He has already accepted you through His death on the cross in order to save your soul. There will always be somebody who accepts you if nobody else does, but there won’t ever be anybody who loves like Jesus does- not even close!

What could make this better than knowing how deep the Father’s love for us is?

All the how deep the father’s love for us chords lyrics can do to help you relate and believe in Him more, but we’re never supposed to forget how much He loves His children. And that means a lot! Jesus died on The Cross so that no one would have to be lost or separated from God- what greater proof of how deep His love goes than this? It seems like it should be enough, but Satan always wants his followers back; he’ll tempt them again with lies until they fall away completely! But don’t worry about falling into temptation and making mistakes because even if you did I know how high your Dad’s arms will reach out for you as soon as He knows how deep

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