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All we do is call it “the photos.

We have all the photos. We have all of them.

No, we don’t call it wallpaper. We call it photos. We call it wallpapers. We call it that, because we have all of them.

This may well be the most popular post on the site because it’s the first time we’ve ever called it wallpaper. This week we’ve had so many people ask about it. We’ve even had a few of our friends tell us they just wanted to be a part of the whole conversation. It is so amazing how the simple naming of a post can change the conversation forever.

For those of you who want to stop me from talking about a subject or topic you have to go to the wall or floor. It is just an important component of our life and we have to go back once in a while to find out why some of you are not seeing the topic. We have to go back to the wall before I can call it a subject or topic.

I am sure that’s not the only topic that has to go back to the wall, but it is one we try to avoid in the beginning. Another topic that we want to avoid is wallpapers. Wallpapers are so ubiquitous now. They are in every app or social media platform or game or magazine or newspaper or TV show. Wallpaper is the only thing that you will see, even if you are not actually supposed to.

Why do you think people prefer wallpapers over photos? Because picture quality is just about the same. What is great about photos, however, is that they are easy to edit. You can take your photo and simply move it around or add watermarks to it. You can crop out the background and make it bigger or smaller. You can add or remove colors, and you can add text, too. There is very little that a wallpaper can’t do.

A wallpaper uses the same elements as a picture. If it really wanted to be a picture, it would probably need something other than a picture frame.

The only other thing that a wallpaper can’t do is to be a picture frame. A picture frame, by its very nature, is a perfect image. It can’t be larger or smaller than the original image, it can’t be cropped, you can’t add text, you can’t remove any of the original image. A wallpaper is not a picture frame because it is not a picture frame. It is a photograph, and a photograph, however, is a photograph.

If you are a wallpaper shankar, you are basically an artist. You are using the image you have as a canvas and then painting over it with paint. You are creating a picture. You can’t remove any of the original image. You can’t change the size, you cant add text, and you cant change the angle.

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