EventsTop Inspirational Quotes in Hindi for Motivation

Top Inspirational Quotes in Hindi for Motivation

In today’s fast-paced world, motivation is the driving force that helps individuals achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. A dose of inspiration through thought-provoking quotes can often provide just the boost needed to keep moving forward. Looking for such quotes in the Hindi language? Here are some top inspirational quotes that can ignite the sparks of determination and positivity within you:

The Power of Positive Thinking

“जो कर्म किया, वो फल देगा।”
Translation: “The actions we take will bear fruit in due time.”

“आज की सोच, कल की करतूत।”
Translation: “Today’s thinking shapes tomorrow’s actions.”

Embracing Change

“जहाँ इच्छा, वहाँ राह।”
Translation: “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

“बदलाव में सफलता की गारंटी।”
Translation: “Success is guaranteed in change.”

Perseverance and Hard Work

“मेहनत का फल मीठा होता है।”
Translation: “The fruit of hard work is sweet.”

“होनहार बाकी सब बेकार।”
Translation: “Talented ones stand out amongst the crowd.”


“अपने अंदर का योगी जगाओ।”
Translation: “Awaken the yogi within you.”

“जो खुद पे विश्वास करेगा, दुनिया उस पे विश्वास करेगी।”
Translation: “Those who believe in themselves, the world believes in them.”

Overcoming Challenges

“कठिनाईयों में भी सिर ऊँचा रखो।”
Translation: “Keep your head high even in challenging times.”

“जीतने वाला हमेशा कीमत के अटमौल सीसे उठाता है।”
Translation: “The winner always lifts the priceless trophy.”

Staying Positive

“चिंता से दूर रहो, खुशियों को देखो।”
Translation: “Stay away from worries and focus on happiness.”

“हंसता रहो, मुस्कराता रहो, जिंदगी खुद बनेगी खुशियों की जुबाने।”
Translation: “Keep laughing, keep smiling, life itself will become the voice of joy.”

Persistence and Patience

“धैर्य से काम लेना, नतीजे अवश्य मिलेंगे।”
Translation: “Work with patience, results will surely come.”

“जब तक हो नियत, चाहे सारी रात।”
Translation: “When the intention is strong, overcome all hurdles.”

Gratitude and Positivity

“कृतज्ञता ईश्वर की उत्प्रेरणा।”
Translation: “Gratitude is the inspiration of the Divine.”

“अपने हिस्से की खुशियाँ बाँटो, और खुद भी खुश रहो।”
Translation: “Share your share of happiness, and stay happy yourself.”

Dare to Dream

“सपने वो नहीं होते जो हम सोते वक्‍त देखते हैं, सपने तो वो होते हैं जो हमें सोने नहीं देतें.”
Translation: “Dreams are not what we see when we sleep, dreams are what don’t let us sleep.”

“चाँद को छूने की कोई बारीश होनी चाहिए।”
Translation: “There should be rainfall to touch the moon.”


1. Why are inspirational quotes important?

Inspirational quotes have the power to uplift spirits, provide motivation, and offer a fresh perspective on life’s challenges. They can serve as reminders of one’s inner strength and resilience.

2. How can one benefit from reading inspirational quotes regularly?

Regularly reading inspirational quotes can help individuals stay focused, positive, and determined towards their goals. It can also boost confidence, increase self-belief, and foster a can-do attitude.

3. Are there any specific times when one should read inspirational quotes?

There is no specific time to read inspirational quotes. However, starting your day with a positive quote or reading one when feeling demotivated can have a significant impact on your mood and productivity.

4. How can one incorporate inspirational quotes into their daily routine?

One can incorporate inspirational quotes into their daily routine by setting them as phone wallpapers, writing them in a journal, sharing them with friends and family, or even creating a vision board with favorite quotes.

5. Can reading inspirational quotes replace professional help for mental health issues?

While inspirational quotes can provide temporary motivation and positivity, they should not be seen as substitutes for professional mental health help. If struggling with mental health issues, it is essential to seek support from a qualified therapist or counselor.

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