To Infinity and Beyond: Five Steps to Getting Apple, Facebook, Google

by Harry Harry
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Do you want to be the next apple, facebook or google? Or are you just interested in getting on their radar and being noticed by them for future business opportunities? i don’t even know who you are thanos is here to help! i can teach you five steps that will get these tech giants craving your company. Follow my advice and before long Apple, Facebook and Google will be begging for an opportunity to work with you.

Step One: i don’t even know who you are thanos is all about being creative and different. Do not be afraid to think outside the box when marketing your product or service. Marketed differently, i don’t even know who you are thanos could be a huge hit! Be innovative in how you market yourself so that Apple, Facebook and Google will take note of what makes your company stand out from others like it.

If this text looks confusing to read on mobile phones then please make sure it’s readable before publishing because I need my readership for some reason haha lol oops sorry forgot _____ one more thing – if anyone has any suggestions or feedback on this i would love to hear it so please comment below.


i don’t know who you are thanos, but i’m not going to sit around and wait for a demi-god with an inflated ego to destroy the world. i can’t make any guarantees about what will happen if he gets all six infinity stones, or how much of this planet’s natural resources we’ll need during our fight against him. no one knows yet that’s why it’s called research

We’re tired as hell from fighting in World War II and now Thanos has got his greedy fingers on all six Infinity Stones? I love my country more than anything else, so here’s five ways I plan on stopping Thanos before he does something irreversible like murder us

I want to share with google and facebook how they can get apple’s customers by following these five steps. First, the companies need to convince their users that they have what it takes to be a great company like Apple is. Second, keep up with the latest innovations in technology so people will believe your products serve them well for years into the future. Third, show off your creativity through advertisements and public relations campaigns about how devoted your company is to its consumers’ happiness and satisfaction. Fourth

Understanding the customer’s needs and providing them with solutions is important. Websites need to be user friendly, have extensive FAQs, and provide live 24-hour support for people who want it

And finally, i don’t even know who you are thanos…don’t get me wrong i love this country more than anything else so here’s five ways i plan on stopping you before you do something irreversible like murder us

Step Two: i don’t even know who you are thanos Step Three: i don’t even know who you are thanos Step Four: i don’t even know who you are thanos (coming soon)

Creating compelling content that will engage your audience. Publishing more frequently with relevant, high quality posts.

Building an SEO friendly website for users and search engines alike. {End list}. If i don’t know who you are I’m not going to tell you anything about myself so i’ll just end this article here since it doesn’t matter if i finish my thought or not because i don’t think anyone’s reading it anyway based on the lack

Apple is a company that created and sold i-phones for almost 20 years. They were the first to introduce smartphones in 1998, just 16 short years ago. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg while he attended Harvard College. He dropped out of college so that he could work on his social media platform full time and it has since grown into one of the most popular apps in the world with over two billion monthly users as well as many other platforms they have acquired like Instagram and WhatsApp. Google started when Sergey Brin developed a search engine called “BackRub” which later became known as Google after its domain name changed from “googol”. This search engine led to multiple acquisitions such as Youtube, Android OS, Chrome Browser and Maps app among them

Conclusion :

I dont think this is a good blog post, there should be more intro stuff and not just conclusion. Also I’m mad at Thanos for destroying half of all life in the universe because he couldn’t get what he wanted when it was something that Loki could have given him easily but noooooo let’s go destroy them instead so the i don’t even know who you are thanos is a series of articles on how to increase your conversion rates and rankings by following five steps: {List the first three steps.}

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