telephone ka avishkar

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A recent study conducted by the Telo Group of America, found that the most popular topic of conversation with Americans was telephone service. Almost half of all Americans now talk on a cell phone and half of them talk to themselves when they are in a phone booth. That’s just one of the many different types of conversations Americans have with themselves, so finding a way to turn off the phone while you are cooking is a great idea, and one you can learn to do with ease.

This might seem like an obvious idea, but I’ve found that it isn’t. Most people like to be able to talk to others and do things, but they don’t like being interrupted. So the easiest way to turn off the phone and the phone booth is to have a remote that will turn off all the phone lines in your house. If you do this, you can also mute the speakerphone and have everyone talk to their own phone.

This works on most phones too. So a lot of people do it, but don’t know how to do it. The closest I’ve got to the method above is by having a box, or a stand, in the kitchen that you can easily walk on. The stand looks like an old-style gas stove. The gas is turned off, and when you walk on it, you can turn the stove back on.

Of course, this isnt really a phone. It is just a box that is remotely controlled, with a power switch to turn back on the gas. This means that you can also turn the phone off and on again using the remote.

The phone is actually a box that has a phone line connected to it by a cable. The phone is a remote control for the box, so you can turn the gas back on and off. The phone is also connected to a computer, where you can send messages, and can hear the music and ring if you want. You can also get a lot of information about the phone by typing a code into the “Search” box.

The phone is also connected to a computer where the phone number is stored. You can look up the phone numbers and see if someone is using the phone. In the future, you will be able to find a phone number by searching for it in a list of telemarketers. The phone will also allow you to make appointments with your doctor or dentist.

Some people have the phone because they like the sound of it, but I think it is so overused that it’s the most annoying and annoying thing you can own to make you think you need it. It is also a very powerful device that can be used to spy on people, and can even be used to steal personal information. But if you don’t need it, it’s not worth it. The phone is also used to receive calls, and you can block calls from certain numbers.

You can also use it to get yourself a good deal on a car or a boat or a laptop, but I think it is too easy to steal the phone on purpose.

It isn’t quite as easy to steal the phone, but it is a good idea for us to have a good time. This is the same reason I use cell phones as a way to get on with the business, because I like to communicate more with people and I have the ability to listen to their chatter and to do something useful. If I had to use my phone to get on with my business, I would just have to use a computer.

On the phone, I get to have a conversation. I can talk with people. It is a very pleasant experience and I can do everything that I want to do with this phone. But the problem is that I am not using it. I am using it all the time and the phone is not connected to the internet. The only time I have a phone connection at home is when I travel to a new place and am connected to the internet via WiFi.

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