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I can’t think of a more fitting name for this dish than matkà. The idea is to layer on just enough cheese to absorb the sauce, but not go over the edge. Then, layer on a few green olives, the eggplant, and finally the tomatoes. It’s a balanced taste for the whole package, and it’s a great way to include all of the ingredients.

For me, this dish was the perfect example of balance. It was sweet and tangy, but that balanced the whole dish. The green olives and cream helped to absorb the cheese, while the tomato gave the sauce a more savory flavor. I’m a sucker for a good green olives, and I was happy to have the opportunity to try out matkà.

The dish I was most excited to try was the matkà. I’m a huge fan of matk and have been ever since I can remember, but I don’t think I’ve had a dish like this before. It was the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess, and the tomato sauce was a great way to add some nice sweetness to the dish.

I mean, I love a good matk dish, but what I really love is a good time, and this was a great one. The dish was perfect for a dinner party or a casual meal. I love a good time with friends and family, but sometimes a meal like this is just what the doctor ordered.

I can’t believe I’ve never heard about matk like this before. It’s a dish that’s really easy to make, so it makes perfect sense that it’s so ubiquitous.

With a salad on my lunch break, I made some salad bars, but not the pasta in this case. I was also really pleased to see that I had more than one salad bar.

Well it was a simple salad, but I was surprised that it was so great. Matkà has a nice combination of sweet and savory flavors that go really well together. It was simple, but it tasted so good.

matk is really easy to make. I used this recipe here, but I think the recipe from the site is more authentic. If you want to make matk, check out the recipe here.

I’ve been to many different places, so it’s hard to tell the difference that I’m getting from this recipe. There’s a lot of sauce in this, too, so it’s really not so much that I’m getting a lot of sauce. I wanted to make a little bit more sauce, but it’s not really a big sauce, so I just made a little more sauce. I’ll be more careful about the flavor of the sauce.

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