How to Trick the Tiktok App into Thinking You’re 17

by Harry Harry
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Many people are looking to how to trick the TikTok app into thinking they’re 17. If you’re one of those people, then this article is for you! We will show how to change your age on TikTok and how it can be beneficial for your account in the long run.

You can change how old you are on TikTok by changing the date of birth in your profile settings. It doesn’t take long to do and it is easy! The first step to how to trick tiktok into thinking you’re 17, or any age for that matter, is going into your app’s settings menu. Scroll down until you find ‘date of birth’ under account information- once there just enter a new year with an “e” at the end so it looks like 2019, then click save changes. That’s all! You now have changed how old you are on TikTok without even needing to venture outside this article or use other apps – we told ya it was easy! If done correctly, when verifying your+

how to change your age on tiktok, you will notice a date of birth that is different from how old you actually are.

It doesn’t have to be 2019 either; it can be any year within the last 50 years and TikTok will still accept it as an acceptable answer. As long as there’s no “e” at the end (i.e., 2020), TikTok won’t question how old you say you are when verifying+ how to trick tiktok into thinking you’re 17!

Footnote: When typing in your birthday, make sure not to include any zeros or commas – this may lead to complications with getting verified by TikTok+. If done correctly, once finished entering how many

How to Trick the Tiktok App into Thinking You’re 17

The first way you can trick tiktok is by changing your birth year on Facebook. This will allow you to share how old you are with a teenager setting. If this doesn’t work for some reason, there’s also a way that involves creating an entirely new account in order to play around and have fun. It involves following these steps:

Download from the Play Store or App Store

Select “Create Account” at top left of main menu screen

Enter any email address (but one that has been used before) then click Next Step → create password → confirm password

Fill out all other required

enter birthday as 08/06/1995*

Enter your gender, enter how you found out about

Change the date to current day, then click Next Step and create account!

Now that you have successfully created this new account, it’s time to mess around on tiktok! TikTok is cool because there are so many different types of videos available for viewing in order to kill some boredom or entertain oneself. It could be anything from singing a song with friends at home (which I do all the time), showing how much makeup someone has collected through their years of usage which can take awhile…or even just snapping selfies while listening to kpop music. So basically what you’re doing by creating an entirely new account is tricking tiktok into thinking you’re 17.

What’s the Point?

The point of this post is to show how easy it can be for people in their teens or under 18 (let alone those who are younger) to create a new TikTok account and avoid having some features that may not be appropriate, such as an age restriction on how many likes one can have per day. This way they won’t end up getting blocked or reported by other users because of how old they are. Now I’m sure there will still be restrictions but at least with enough creativity, it should work!

It also teaches readers how to change their date if theirs isn’t accurate according to when someone was born so that they can be how old they want.

This is a helpful post because it teaches readers how to avoid some of the problems that might come with being in their teens or under 18 and having an account, such as restrictions on how many likes one can have per day if you’re younger than 13 years old.

It also helps readers who are older but want to change what age they say they are so that TikTok thinks you’re 17 when you really only just turned 16; this way your parents won’t ask questions about why there’s suddenly no restriction on how many likes one person can give another! This will help people keep their accounts open without getting blocked by other users for being too young while still keeping themselves safe online and not exposing vulnerable

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