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How to Find the Right CBD Oil For Cats

One of the fastest-growing supplements for pets today is CBD or cannabidiol. It’s becoming popular because of its therapeutic benefits and organic ingredients without any significant negative side effects. Early studies show that it’s promising when calming the anxieties of cats and other pets.

Research has shown that mammals have an endocannabinoid system responsible for their mood, appetite, immune system, pain management, and more. When CBD’s phytocannabinoids combine with the body’s natural endocannabinoids, this will calm anxieties and relieve various pains and aches. These are often beneficial for older cats that experience anxiety during thunderstorms or fireworks.

The base of most of these products is often cannabidiol. Although this extract is also used in humans, this is also becoming a safe trend in kitties. Check out cheefbotanicals holistapet for more products that are manufactured exclusively for pets. They will also provide a list of ingredients that they have used in making these products.

Some Top Picks

All-Natural CBD Oil Solution

Some farms in the US have risen as top brands because of their dedication to producing an all-natural cannabidiol extract made up of plants and other organic ingredients. You need to look for companies that are consistent in making high-quality products, and they should have established themselves as forerunners in this industry.

Some of the oil has been blended with chicken to attract your pets during mealtimes. You can blend a few drops of the tinctures well in any food, and you’ll be able to give them the right dosage according to their breeds and size. Since these are treats and oil extracts for cats, the doses are not too strong. They don’t have any grassy flavors that will stand out from the rest, and you can find that they are very simple to administer. 

While you’re in the market searching for the best CBD oil, it’s best if you could choose a pesticide-free, THC-free, and organic MCT that will produce the best results. This will benefit your pet because they don’t have to consume excess fillers in the market, and there are no unwanted surprises in the mix. Read more information about the MCT oil on this page here.

Some pet parents have tested the all-natural cannabidiol solution on their pets, and the results look promising. With the highest-quality product in the market, some of the kitties became relaxed and calm. This can be helpful for owners whose cats are stuck inside the home because of the COVID-19 restrictions. They can be a distraction and can calm the anxieties of your pet in no time.

High-Quality Cultivation of Hemp

Another factor to consider when looking for the right products in the market is the overall quality of hemp. Most of the trustworthy companies are getting their hemp plants from Oregon or Colorado because of the excellent reputation of the farms in these states.

In Oregon, the climate and the soil are best-suited for growing hemp. This is the best option for a broad-spectrum oil, and the state has gained a lot of popularity through the years. The quality of the hemp plants is just the first phase. What matters most is the company’s procedures and attention to detail.

Some of these manufacturers have developed distinct flavors and dosages for cats. They know that some breeds don’t necessarily like citrusy or sweet flavorings, so they stick to the natural tastes. For doses, the range can be from 200 mg to 2,500 mg. As the cats’ average weight is only about 10 pounds, it will be better if some owners stick to the spectrum’s lower end for best results.

As for the subscriptions, some of these companies may give their more loyal customers a whopping 20% discount on their purchases. Some are made-to-order, which enables the oil to be fresher, and they can last longer. Updated laboratory tests in each batch of CBD oil are needed to ensure that the quality of hemp is maintained. There are also charts for dosages and suggested servings to ensure that all frequently asked questions are properly addressed.

Cat-wise, the high-quality hemp source is beneficial and worth subscribing to. The prices and quality are often sufficient enough, and more importantly, most felines love the products. After getting their dose of CBD for the day, they may take a long nap and rest their bodies for a while. Many owners may appreciate the ease of use because of the dropper and the affordable prices. 

Pharmaceutical-Grade Products

The popularity of CBD has risen in the past years and along with it are the companies that want to join the bandwagon. Read articles about CBD here: Countless them may capitalize on the hype, but some companies will take it to the next level. 

Fortunately, you can now clock in the purity of the CBD that you’re getting. Some have exclusive and proprietary farms where they control the growth of their hemp plants. The highest-quality extracts are often combined with chicken or beef flavors that will attract even the ficklest of cats. The servings are pretty flexible, and you can choose a tincture with different strengths like 150 mg or 750 mg.

The droppers have markings like 0.75 mL, and you can maintain accuracy while dosing. There’s also the transparency of the process that helps many pet parents decide whether the oil is for their pets or not. Your vet may even recommend these pharmaceutical-grade products that are often affordable and available in many online shops.

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