BeautyFive important reasons why sunscreen should be used?

Five important reasons why sunscreen should be used?

What is your worst experience with the sun? Let us assume it is the redness on your skin, a tan, or worse, sunburn and sun reaction. Yes, sun rays can do all those things. Sometimes, your skin won’t even be able to turn back from all the damage done. Thus, sunscreens were invented – to counter the harmful effects of the sun.

So, what is the importance of using sunscreen? Read below.

An Important Step Of Skincare: Sunscreen

Let us first do a quick synopsis of sunscreen’s history, and then we will talk about the benefits of applying sunscreen regularly. Though the time of sunscreen invention is not confirmed, it is speculated to be produced around the 1920s. Since then, the benefits of using sunscreen have made it an essential part of everyday skincare:

1)     Protect Skin For Sun Damage

The primary reason to apply sunscreen is to stay away from harmful sun rays, leading to sun damage. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can go deep within your skin tissues. This damages the blood vessels within. These blood carriers can permanently stretch, which gives a reddish and mottled appearance.

2)    Reduce Signs Of Ageing

Sunscreen is a savior to your skin and appearance; applying sunscreen can keep you younger looking for a prolonged period. According to a study, people who use broad-spectrum sunscreen daily show 27% slower skin ageing results than those who don’t. Thus, you must use sunscreen daily to keep your skin healthier and radiant looking for a long time.

3)    Avoid Skin Cancer

Sunscreen not only helps to address minor issues but also helps to address major ones, such as preventing skin cancer. Since too much UV radiation impacts cell formation, damaging the DNA of your skin cells. And over time, a damaged DNA builds up and starts to grow out of control, leading to skin cancer. Thus, by applying sunscreen, your chances of getting skin cancer are lowered.

4)   Maintain Even Skin Tone

Though sunscreen doesn’t directly help in evening out your skin tone, it helps clear the foundation, i.e. your skin. Sunscreen is made with ingredients that block harmful UV rays and sun damage. So, by applying sunscreen, your skin will remain healthy and nourished for a longer time, thus maintaining radiant crystal clear skin.

5)   Prevent Sunburn & Sun Spots

Though sunscreen doesn’t directly help to even out your skin tone, it helps to clear the foundation, i.e., your skin. Sunscreen is made with ingredients that block harmful UV rays and sun damage. So, by applying sunscreen, your skin will remain healthy and nourished for a longer time, thus maintaining radiant crystal-clear skin.

A sincere advice: To everyone reading this blog, we believe you have firmly grasped the harmful impact of the sun’s UV A and B rays and the importance of sunscreen, and thus will immediately start applying a high SPF sunscreen. But, the application must be done a certain way, or you can’t expect to achieve the benefits. The following tips will help:

  • Apply sunscreen daily
  • Apply it even if you are not stepping out
  • Sunscreen should be applied every 4-5 hours
  • A good amount of sunscreen is needed, no matter the SPF

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