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This is one of my favorite features for configuring the ipv6 dhcp server. In the Windows 7 Settings > Network Configuration, there is a dropdown menu with the options – DNAT, DMZ, dhcp+ipv6, and so forth. This is a great feature even when the user has no network access.

This can be disabled by setting the ipv6-default-set to no.

This isn’t a good thing! The reason for this is that you can only access the default dhcpipv6ipv6.conf file from the command line via the -D option. This file contains the default dhcpipv6ipv6.conf, so you need to manually delete it.

The good news is that we can get the default dhcpv6-ipv6.conf file from the Windows 7 Settings window. The bad news is that the default file is not readable via the command line. The good news is that we can read the default file using the command line. Here are the steps.

1. Go to the settings window.

2. Choose start > run.

If nothing in the window comes up, then choose the “Run” button.3. Choose start gt ipv6.

If you want to configure your computer to automatically run the dhcpv6-ipv6.conf file, you will need to manually delete the file. You will also need to set up your router to forward your dhcpv6-ipv6.conf file to the dhcp server.

In order to prevent the ipv6 configuration file from being deleted when the dhcpv6-ipv6.conf file is moved, you will need to configure your router to automatically forward the file to the server every time the router boots.

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