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I recently wrote a blog post about configuring an EIGRP routing protocol. It was one of the most-read posts I’ve ever written and it has been one of my most-read posts.

Today I wanted to show you the config for eigrp (the new routing protocol in EIGRP2). First, let me explain a little about how EIGRP works.

EIGRP is an implementation of the internet’s well-known routing protocol called Inter-Domain Routing (IDR). EIGRP routes packets between routers and uses its own routing protocol which is very similar to the one used to operate routers and switches and is used by the internet.

EIGRP was created by Cisco in 1999, and its main goal is to make it easier to build internet-scale network infrastructure. It is also the protocol used on the Cisco IOS family of routers. Now that you know all that, you can see how to configure EIGRP in the configuration file, eigrpconf.ini, located in /etc/eigrp.

That’s the routing table. To set the route, you need to specify the router IP address (as a string), the destination IP address (as a string), and the EIGRP ID (as a number).

On the web, I have found that you can set eigrpconf.

It’s probably worth noting that this method doesn’t work with all routers. A number of routers just ignore the EIGRP routing table, so you can’t just use the eigrpconf.ini file to configure it.

This method was recommended to me by the same person who recommended the eigrpconf.ini file. The downside to the method is that you have to modify each router individually.

In the case of this router, the IP address is the gateway IP address of the router. The EIGRP ID is the EIGRP ID for the router. You can also use the eigrpconf.ini file to configure routing for your router. You can configure eigrpconf.ini file to set each router to use the same eigrpconf.ini file for configuration.

This method is only recommended for one router. The method has been tested only for the one router. It doesn’t work with routers that have more than one EIGRP ID.

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