EventsAnalyzing Newport County Vs Man United Match Statistics

Analyzing Newport County Vs Man United Match Statistics

As a passionate football fan, one of the most exciting aspects of the beautiful game is analyzing match statistics. The recent fixture between Newport County and Manchester United provided an intriguing matchup that captivated fans and analysts alike. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the key statistics from the game and provide a detailed analysis of the performance of both teams.

Newport County vs. Manchester United Match Statistics Analysis

1. Possession

Possession is often seen as a key indicator of a team’s control and dominance in a match. In the Newport County vs. Man United game, the possession stats favored Manchester United, with the Red Devils enjoying 60% of the possession compared to Newport County’s 40%. This dominance in possession allowed Man United to dictate the tempo of the game and create more scoring opportunities.

2. Shots

Shots on goal are a crucial statistic that reflects a team’s attacking intent and threat. In this matchup, Manchester United outperformed Newport County in terms of shots taken, registering a total of 15 shots, with 8 of them on target. In contrast, Newport County managed 5 shots, with 2 on target. The efficiency in front of goal was evident as Man United capitalized on their chances to secure a convincing victory.

3. Passing Accuracy

Accurate passing is fundamental to maintaining possession and building attacks. Manchester United exhibited their quality in passing, boasting an impressive 86% passing accuracy in the game. Newport County, on the other hand, had a passing accuracy of 78%. The precision in Man United’s passing allowed them to control the game and carve open the opposition defense with incisive passes.

4. Duels Won

Winning duels both on the ground and in the air is vital in asserting physical dominance on the pitch. Manchester United showcased their strength by winning 54% of the duels contested, showcasing their physicality and competitive edge. Newport County, despite their best efforts, could only win 46% of the duels, highlighting the challenge they faced against a formidable opponent.

5. Corners

Corners can often lead to goal-scoring opportunities and are therefore a significant aspect of a team’s attacking arsenal. In the Newport County vs. Man United clash, both teams had their fair share of corner kicks, with Man United earning 7 corners compared to Newport County’s 4 corners. The set-piece situations provided moments of danger for both teams, with Man United looking particularly threatening from corner kicks.

6. Fouls Committed

Discipline is crucial in football, and the number of fouls committed can impact a team’s chances of success in a game. In this match, Newport County committed 14 fouls compared to Manchester United’s 10 fouls. The discipline shown by Man United reflected their tactical awareness and composure, allowing them to stay focused and avoid unnecessary infringements.


Overall, the match statistics paint a clear picture of Manchester United’s dominance in their matchup against Newport County. From possession and shots on goal to passing accuracy and physical duels, Man United showcased their quality and class to secure a well-deserved victory. The performance analysis of key statistical categories highlights the strengths of the Red Devils and the areas where Newport County struggled to match up to their Premier League opponents.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Which team had more possession in the Newport County vs. Man United match?
A1: Manchester United had 60% possession compared to Newport County’s 40%.

Q2: How many shots did Manchester United take in the game?
A2: Manchester United registered a total of 15 shots, with 8 of them on target.

Q3: What was the passing accuracy of Manchester United in the match?
A3: Manchester United had an 86% passing accuracy during the game.

Q4: Who won a higher percentage of duels in the match, Man United or Newport County?
A4: Manchester United won 54% of the duels, while Newport County won 46%.

Q5: How many corners did each team earn in the game?
A5: Manchester United had 7 corners, while Newport County had 4 corners.

In summary, analyzing match statistics provides valuable insights into the performance of teams and players, offering fans a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the game. The Newport County vs. Manchester United clash was a compelling contest that showcased the quality and skill of the Red Devils as they asserted their dominance on the pitch.

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