9 Counterintuitive Tips for Crushing Your Centrics Software Goals

by Radhe Gupta
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Do you want to crush your Centrics Software goals? If so, then you need to use a few counterintuitive strategies. This blog post will discuss 9 tips that can help you reach your goal of crushing the competition by using less effort than they do!

* Tip #I: Consider your goal to be a sprint, not a marathon. This will help you focus on the next achievable milestone instead of losing sight of what’s important and taking shortcuts that make it more difficult later on in the process. * Tip #II: Make sure that you’re doing something every day for your goals (not just today). That way there are no gaps or breaks where people forget about their progress and give up during an inevitable slump at some point along the way–you can’t skip days!

* Tip II: Keep track of what works well for reaching individual milestones so that you know how to keep going when those initial boosts start wearing off after awhile. It’s also helpful to identify which work methods don’t work as well for reaching those milestones and avoiding them when possible.

* Tip II: Pick out a few non-negotiables every week, like eating healthy or exercising to give yourself some sense of boundary–even if it’s just one hour per day on the weekend, which you can guiltlessly spend doing anything else that doesn’t relate to your goals. Doing this will help keep distractions at bay from taking up too much time during the rest of the week without affecting progress in other areas.

* Tip IV: Take care of yourself! Don’t forget about all aspects of your life outside of achieving these goals by getting enough sleep and giving yourself moments where you’re not thinking about what is left undone. This will also contribute to your overall health which will help you have more energy to tackle those goals.

* Tip VII: Don’t keep a list of what you did or didn’t accomplish on any given day–it’s too easy for yourself to be discouraged by the enormity of all that needs doing, and it doesn’t really matter if today was productive or not as long as each week has been meeting your goal. You should also stop checking off completed tasks when they’re finished so that there is no reward (or punishment) for having done something well in advance like setting up social media profiles before an event, because this can lead to rushing through other things just to get them checked off the list at work even though they may take longer than originally anticipated.

* Tip VII: Do something every day that will lead to the goal. If you’re aiming for better health, try drinking more water throughout the day. You might be surprised at how much this small change can help!

*Know what you want: You can’t achieve a goal if you don’t know it.

-How to identify your goals: Identify the three most important, high impact areas of your life and find ways to measure them.

*Set clear expectations for yourself: Know how much time per day or week is needed to make progress on these goals. Commit this amount of time each day/week in order to feel accountable every day/week. When we say “I will work out an hour a week,” we’re setting ourselves up for failure as our mind games us into thinking that’s not enough when really its plenty! Break down large chunks of work into smaller tasks–work out 25 minutes five days a week rather than one hour once a week.

-How to set expectations for yourself: Ask yourself, “What are my goals and how much time do I need each day or week?”

*Find your sweet spot: The perfect blend of what you like doing with what makes you feel good about achieving your goal. For example, many people find success in exercising outdoors while others prefer working out on their treadmill at home. Find the best mix that matches who you are!

-The importance of finding your sweet spots (and why): When we’re making changes for ourselves, it’s important to be true to our natural tendencies so that we can stick with them long term–not just this month but every year henceforth!

*Be kind to yourself: This is a marathon, not a sprint. If you make mistakes or get off track, it’s okay!

-Stay motivated: Motivation can be tricky and often comes in waves–sometimes we will have lots of motivation to stick with our plans and sometimes that motivation won’t seem to come from anywhere but the deep recesses of our minds.

*Be your own best friend: A great way to stay motivated is by talking out loud about all the reasons why this goal matters for us–remembering where we came from helps inspire what’s next. We are never alone on this journey; remember that someone always has your back!”

“Success does not happen by accident.” -Malcolm Gladwell (Tipping Point)

“We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity.” -Malcolm Gladwell (Outliers)

*Stay positive: It’s hard to stay motivated when we’re feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Try these three methods for getting out of a funk and finding our way back onto the right track!

-Focus on what went well instead of what didn’t go so well; this will help us feel more confident about the next step forward.

-Remind ourselves that as long as we are taking action, things may not yet be perfect but they can get better with time and effort–all it takes is one small change to make progress happen!

-Take care of ourselves by noticing when negative thoughts are happening and then take a break to do something else for awhile.

*Challenge ourselves:

-When we’re bored with what’s in front of us, it can be tempting to turn away or quit. Instead, challenge yourself by doing the next thing that you might not feel so great about–maybe this will lead to finding your passions!

-The hardest part is getting started on new tasks because they may seem unfamiliar at first; but once we make an effort, things get easier over time as our skills grow stronger and more automatic. So just keep moving forward one step at a time!

-To find inspiration when working towards goals, think back on past accomplishments which have made us proud of who we are.

*We need a break:

-If we’re feeling negative or stressed, it can be helpful to take time for ourselves and do something else–even if just temporarily. Just by focusing on other things in the moment, this will provide relief from an intense situation which may then lead us back to our goals with renewed energy and focus!

-It’s important that we don’t give up when work gets tough because it doesn’t last forever; try taking small breaks as needed until you feel refreshed again before continuing on your path towards success. And remember that all new tasks are challenging at first until they become more familiar over time, so keep moving forward one step at a time!

-This also applies to relationships. If you’re feeling stressed because of a situation with someone, focus on taking care of yourself and doing what’s best for you in the moment–even if it doesn’t involve that person. It can be easy to neglect our own needs when we put others first all the time so make sure not to ignore your needs even when they may conflict with another person’s desires. -Action Item: *Take this opportunity now to do one thing for yourself! Whether it’s reading an article online, meditating or simply getting some fresh air outside by going on a walk around the building or block, find something which will help bring balance back into your life as well as give you renewed energy and purpose! *

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